Partial translation of Ai no Kusabi Vol 8, CH12

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Eng Vol 8 p.141 // Jap Vol 6 P. 230

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Eng Vol 8 p.142 // Jap Vol 6 p. 233

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Eng Vol 6 p.143 // Jap Vol 6 p.235

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Eng Vol 8 p.144 // Jap Vol 6 p. 237

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Eng Vol 8 p.146 // Jap Vol 6 p.240

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Partial translation of Ai no Kusabi Vol 8, CH13

English Vol 8 p. 150, Japanese Vol 6 p.252-253

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Riki kept pounding on the door, ‘Guy!!Guy!!’
A wrenching, keening sound of metal bending came from the door.
(What’s happened?)
The door was opened with a creaking sound, as if the door lock was wrenched with full strength.
Riki was startled and stood speechless. On the other side of the door was Iason. Seeing the unexpected face, Riki’s mind went blank.
He looked into Iason's piercing cold stare and felt fear. Visceral, pounding fear, his wrist was numbed, his breath was frozen. When Iason grabbed his arm, he recoiled and his neck became stiff involuntarily.
However, nothing happened.
All Riki could feel was his pulse quickening, suffocating him.
He opened his eyes nervously,
and then for the first time Riki knew, a tight embrace was given by Iason.
Riki was a little flustered; his mind was wavering without reasons.

English Vol 8 p. 158-160, Japanese Vol 6 p.271-274
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IASON は瞑目したままだった. 端正美貌には、かの不安いもないようにえた。

Iason lay in the darkness. Neither the slightest concern nor hesitation marred his ethereal beauty.

But when he saw Riki walking into his view from the slop, he was agitated unexpectedly.


Iason was shocked and had nothing to say. It was the first time Riki saw the expression of astonishment on Iason's face. Riki doubted his eyes for a second, then he gave Iason a bitter smile.


"Hey, don’t be so obvious, you're making me blush."


The jokes just slipped out of his mouth.

なぜ? どうして?めなかったただ、その目わ 何かを るように RIKI 凝视していた。

Iason didn't ask why, nor blamed Riki. He only gazed at Riki, as if he tried to say something with his eyes.

"You're bored.... right? I'm here to keep you company."


Riki sat next to Iason and lay on the wall relaxedly. The wall buckled. He gave it no thought.

"If I talk too much, let me know. I can be quiet."

あんたのにジャレ()つくのは趣味じゃねーけど、とう ずくまってるくらい、俺にもできる。

“Making fun of your leg is not my cup of tea, but I can keep sitting down.”
RIKI必要以上饒舌IASON は寡黙であった。だが、それはして冷淡ではなかった。むしろ、沈默やか すぎるほどに しかった。

Iason was reticent about Riki’s talkativeness, but he was definitely not cold; rather, his silence was mild and gentle.


Until now, finally, everything was understood.

At the same time, they were released from all the restraint and truth that couldn't be seen before.


At this moment, the foundation continued to crack and buckle.


The rumbling that spread over the ground didn’t stop, the intensity was increasing, there wasn't much time.

Riki drew two cigarettes from the case. The Black moons had different colored filters.

"Want one?"

Iason didn't ask where they came from, nor show any displeaseful.

"A last cigarette between the two of us. Not a shabby way to go."

IASON になる仕草煙草をくわえ, caseにあるlighterRIKIをつける

Iason took a cigareete between his lips decently, as Riki lit it with the lighter from the case.

The flame flickered. A whisper of smoke, isolated from the dangerous reality, rose in the air.

Riki took the other cigarette in his lips and lit it on the end of Iason's.

As if it was a last, deep kiss between them.



they inhaled in silence.

The bitter smoke flowed into them, to become the sweetest taste.

Explosions and tremors rocked the world around them.

さりげなく。。。。言葉にはできなかった諸諸いをめて、IASONがきつくRIKI せる。

As if nothing was happening, Iason immersed in all kinds of thoughts that couldn’t be put into words, he took Riki into his arms tightly.

らないThey didn’t say anything.

こえないNor hear anything.

Riki smiled gently, his head against Iason's chest, and closed his eyes.

Translation: 2012 Ai no kusabi OVA bonus story

The English translation of two chapters from the bonus story booklet published in 2012 with Ai no Kusabi ova 1-4 limited edition.


Chapter 1: The pure bred pet, Aaron, was disposed after being Iason's pet for 6 months. Daryl is witnessing Aaron being taken away by security guard. This story was written in a very distant tone and from Daryl perspective.
Chapter 2: After Iason disposes of his pet, Raoul recommend some pure bred pets to him. Meanwhile Iason is thinking how to lure Riki to be his pet and ask Katze to spy on Riki. This chapter revolves around the conversation between Raoul and Iason.
Chapter 3: Riki's first time in EOS
Chapter 4: Continue right after CH3; Riki refuses to eat in the first few days and swears to kill Iason one day. Iason orders Daryl to take off Riki clothes and make him naked for few months. Daryl is shocked to find out Iason read the nurturing diary of pet.

Scans: Zoe
Translator : rainbowfam
Proofreader: a_ngua, Labingi, Bahen

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Chapter 4 download

Ai no Kusabi bonus story "Musk" (partial translation)

MUSK - special episode of Ai no Kusabi in Chara.25

p. 134

TANAGURA - The computer city ruled by the artificial intelligence, Λ (Lambda) --3000, commonly known as "Jupiter". This metallic city was built by androids, which their brains are the only organic part in their body. Everything in the city emitted an artificial dazing glow. Inside the only living area for human, EOS, the Annex was a pet leisure center that separated from the residential area.

■ □ ■

EOS, Annex

The social place just for the pets was lively as usual. No ─ ─ there was a riot going on.

To say why, although young boys and girls who known as "pets" were strongly self-advocated, they were still children with no endurance. Referring them as children was not a metaphor. The average age of the pets that gathered in the salon was 13-years-old and no more than 15.

Illiteracy, counting ignorance and shameless as the highest virtues, promiscuous as their self-value, the only pride they possessed was identified by their origin, the licensed breeding facilities from which they were produced. They were a group of twisted presence.

However, when RIKI, without a care of such distorted philosophy in EOS, appeared with charm of youth, ripeness and dignity of adulthood, the lively atmosphere was replaced by an absolute silence in a moment. Obvious jealousy, undisguised loathing, came together with unhidden taboo, these emotions mixed and nurtured a strong sense of sinister. The sharp sight just liked spikes ruthlessly stabbed RIKI. However, RIKI ignored the resentment no matter how deep it was. He never averted his eyes, nor stopped his pace. Fighting with them was just a waste of time and energy.

A huge gap existed between RIKI and other pets. For a group of regularly recycled pets under the age of 15 in EOS, the existence of a 20-year-old RIKI with an extraordinary experience of ”the one who came back” was far beyond general perception... No, it was an unjustifiable reality.

Even in RIKI’s point of view, he was forced to return without an option, but it wasn’t for the eyes of others. The honor of being selected as pets in EOS was a pillar of confidence and was the meaning of their life. He posed a threat to the recognition of pets. They looked at him with hostility. RIKI, the presence of extreme contrast, was not only a mongrel from the slum but also a Blondy’s pet, and the only pet in EOS who obviously didn’t attend sex soirees, yet hickeys never disappeared from his skin. The fact that his owner made love with him was far beyond common sense.

For RIKI, sex with IASON was a daily routine that he was powerless to refuse. Even masturbation was not allowed. He was taken greedily as IASON pleased, without a single chance to resist. He was toyed in the names of instinct and pleasure, both physically and mentally exhausted.

RIKI was not an exhibitionist that proudly exposed his hickeys, nor did he have the inclination to act like the other pets. He walked towards the Annex without averting his eyes straight to his destination, the Botanical Garden. If anything, it would have been easier to walk directly to the Garden without passing through the pets salons. But there was only one route from the residential area to the entrance of the Annex. To get there, he must go through the salon and took a maglev elevator.

p. 135

─ ─ It was trouble enough indeed.

What annoyed him apart from having to ignore the pets around him was mostly this walk. Even so, RIKI still went to the Botanical Garden every day. The whole floor of greenery was a healing space filled with flowers, trees and running water.

Even the furniture would never come here. Of course, security monitoring devices might be hidden in several corners, but these artificial camera lenses had a significant difference from human eyes in which emotions couldn’t be detected. For example, he noticed that Cal seemed more tensed than him when being in the same room with RIKI.  In any case, no one would disturb him in the Botanical Garden. He was able to fully enjoy his time spending alone in this secret base.

Perhaps this was a tiny joy of immersing in solitude.....

In the slums, naturally he hanged out with GUY and others, he hadn’t thought of such a thing. Apart from this, there were no other particular reasons for the uninterrupted daily visit of the Botanical Garden.

"Well .... Where should I start today?"

Talking to himself, RIKI took out a Herbarium e-book from the pockets of his pants, to avoid getting bored from just meaninglessly walking around. Were there any new things somewhere? RIKI really intent to walk through the whole Botanical Garden.

Page 135-136 were translated by Cynthia subaru_san

Eos, Top Floor.

The imperial floor, the top at Tanagura where only 13 Blondies reign. Inside one room, Iason Mink's room, radiating splendor, in keeping with magnificent colors were unified consistent guest rooms. Having returned to his room to finish his usual work, Cal, the furniture attached to the room, gathered for a short while in front of the terminal for the personal use of the furniture.
What to do. ...What to do. ......What to do.
The words he was asking himself kept looping through his brain. Furniture was required to report in detail management information related to the pet attached to the room.
Though the standard was the management of the pet's physical condition, it also included
complaints and other regular words that the pet unconsciously revealed.
Of course, the pets in question didn't realize the furniture in charge of looking after them were their observers.
In this case, by other pets' accounts, the normal manual didn't apply at all to Riki.

On this matter, every day, Cal couldn't help but be deeply concerned.
The master of the room Iason had gone away 5 days ago.
But that was to be expected.
Where and on what business, he had not been informed of such things.
He knew only the date that he was scheduled to return.
At such a time, an unexpected trouble just had to occur.
At 10pm, Riki had suddenly gone out.
As if details of the famed troublemaker from three years ago were false, the Riki who had left and come back, in a sudden complete change, had become perfectly well-behaved.

'Master Riki. Where are you going?'
The surprised Cal's voice was turned inside out.
'The Botanical Garden Annex.'
Riki's tone was curt as usual.


Was this a crime of conscience? Or didn't he have the tiniest idea of how absurd his words sounded? Cal was unable to make a judgement on it.

'Master Riki. Going out past 8pm is forbidden.'
Riki frowned with all his strength.
At his view from the top, he stared at Gilri.
'Did Iason say that?'
Such a reply was completely unexpected.
By a simple calculation, compared to Cal's career at Eos as a furniture, Riki's status as a pet

who had left and returned was long.
Furthermore, his brutality was such that he was recorded on the security guards' blacklist.
Cal didn't think that Riki understood the basics of the rules in force.
'Even if you weren't informed by your master of the order of prohibition against going out past 8pm, it's an Eos rule to be observed.'
At that moment, the harshness in the corner of Riki's eyes disappeared.

'Yes. It's clearly described in the third paragraph of the ordinance code.'
At that, Riki made a surprised face.
'Amazing. Could it be that you've memorized the entire ordinance code?'
Something... was off.
Shouldn't he be worried about something different?
-So he thought.
'That's because it's my basis as a furniture.'
He was telling the truth without any kind of exaggeration.
The huge Eos' ordinance code was imprinted in his memory through sleep learning.
He was an intern who could exist solely due to the presence of such conditions.
Because of this, those who couldn't pass the final aptitude test were mercilessly disposed of.
The likes of furniture were always being exchanged as a reminder that they were no more than equipment.
Without any failure.
Without being too forward.
Nothing but strong endurance.
Those were the ironclad regulations to surviving as a furniture.
However. Riki being a pet who had left and returned, the manual was after all only packed information that let him realize that it did not surpass personal experience.
And so. Had the basics of the rules in force at Eos not been taught to his predecessor?
So, his predecessor (Daryl) hadn't taught Riki such basics of the rules in Eos?" ---The reason that Cal didn't ask this simple question was not because Riki came first on the black list. For some reason, his predecessor's name had been erased from all the official files. The information about Riki, left by his predecessor, was still being kept in detail, but not his predecessor's name. The meaning of that, Cal frimly bear that in mind.
And then, there was Riki.
In a moment, he had grown silent as if considering something...... he said.
'Are there some exceptions to this prohibition order?'
The order and code of conduct being the highest priority regarding everything in Eos, no exceptions could be approved. However, before such a well-known vulgar troublemaker, what should Cal say? -He hesitated.
'I haven't heard about whose permission you need to be able to go out at night.'
He had never thought about such a thing.
-Even now.

Piano covers and music sheets for Ai no kusabi 2012 OVA

Interview with Yoshihara Rieko

Interview with Yoshihara Rieko 吉原理惠子
Reporter: Murayama Takako 村山

- Please tell us your first thought about the remake of 1992 OVA.

Initially I was told that there are 13 episodes same as the TV anime, so this is a big challenge, but in the end it turned out to be 12. Considered the length of novel, I would regret if some important plots are missing. Therefore, if it wasn't AIC (Anime International Co., Inc.), I might not agree to the remake.

- Does your trust come from the achievements of previous OVA?

Yes, this is one of the reasons. Most importantly, the producer hold a very dedicated heart that strongly conveyed the message: "Please let us do it!" Therefore, I felt that I really can trust them.

- This time you are involved in the script writing, any special ideas aroused in the process?

When have I started to be the script writer *laughs*? In fact, I am a total layman with animation script. When I was about to write whatever I like, some corrections such as: "could you please modify this into ~ " appeared, for example the distribution of spaces on paper, how long a line of text could be… thanks to the staff they taught me a lot about script formatting.

- The production team members of the old OVA are assembled for the remake. How was your discussion with director Akiyama(秋山)?

This is obviously the first time for me to meet director Akiyama, but we got a feeling that we “run into an old friend”. Director also felt that "eh? Is this the first time we meet?"

- You two never met before? How about for old OVA?

At that time the publisher was the coordinator, so there was no opportunity for us to meet. Putting aside whether it is good or bad for me as the original author to participate in script writing, I could see the differences in point of view for male and female in staff meeting. The most interesting thing was, the director asked me if nipples were important.*laughs*

- Was he asking if it is necessary to draw that? *Laughs*

Yes, obviously, it’s necessary for me, so I didn’t know what his intension was when he asked me. Lower part of the body could be omitted, but not nipples *laughs*. On that occasion, the only female were AIC staff (producer) Hayashi San and me, we unanimous said that they were veryimportant!

- As the original author, which part you think should be carefully made?

Because I pay attention to the subtle part of RIKI’s flanks and the bending of his feet, etc… so these important points were noted on the script. Although the plot I want to show is clear, it’s hard to transform the images in my mind into a concept by texts. The director insisted that some parts needed to be shown, so a different narrative point of view from me in the OVA is highly recommended to the audiences.

- A lot of efforts were devoted in background setting. TANAGURA, MIDAS, etc. The urban landscape is charming and very worth watching.

It is really awesome! In my mind, MIDAS and slums are just 2D, but this time, they turned into a level structure, layer upon layer, and were clearly shown on the screen. I won’t be able to do it, so I entrust the visual part to them.

- Concept art by Takeuchi Atsushi (竹内敦志) San is also amazing.

Yes, very beautiful! When AIC asked me what I want for memorial, I asked for "Official Art work". Because they didn’t have something like this, so this troubled them *laughs*.

- And Onda Naoyuki (恩田尚之) san is still doing the character design; the idea comes from the old illustrations by Katsumi Michihara (道原かつみ) san.

I am not worry at all knowing that it is Onda San to do the job. He showed me the settings before finalizing and asked if it was fine, and I replied, "It’s totally Okay!"

- Sensei, what are your requirements for the Character design of Blondy?

"More gorgeous for Blondy." I said so, happened that I had no idea what the feeling of "gorgeous" was. *laughs* Basically, IASON is Nordic, RAOUL, as I remember, is Latin, but don’t overlap the image of Gideon's with his. The hidden setting of Aisha is he was a puppet of the supercomputer JUPITER, so I asked them to draw him like cyborg more than others. Although they were all blond-haired, there were also some differences in their hair, like honey-colored, or platinum gold color etc.

- Onda san seems to have put a lot of efforts on the clothes design.

Each Blondy has their own emblem on their clothing. To distinguish between formal dress and everyday clothing, if there’s something likes shoulder ornaments hanging on the suits will be nice, the idea was from Hayashi San. When I saw the draft design, I just said that "It will be nice if the belt can be a little wider" etc. (and they've made substantial changes.) I really think Onda san has done a hard work.

- KIRIE looks more childish with the freckles on his face.

I didn’t particularly aware of that, but still want to emphasize his three years age difference from RIKI. Giving audients the impression that he was surrounded by adults, even if he had ambitions, he was still a kid. In Episode 2 there is a scene that KIRIE looked into the mirror, hummingand combed his hair in an arrogant attitude, looks like a kids that is too self-righteous and funny. Audiences can look closer to find out more about the character’s personality in many scenes in episode 2.

- I think the fans are also very concerned about the Seiyuu lineup, and this time it follows the one in the DRAMA CD released in 2007. What are your requirements for the selection of candidates?

Because DRAMA CD released earlier than the anime (new OVA), so during the discussion on the anime, I have the idea of, "If any one of the Seiyuus in Drama CD resigned, then please have all of them replaced". I intend to let Seiyuus from DRAMA work on new OVA, and therefore if it is going to change, I’ll simply make a difference between drama and OVA. Fortunately, director did consider my request and kept the original lineup, so I only had problem in selecting the DRAMA CD casting.

- How did you select the Seiyuu?

The seiyuu of IASON was the first to be decided. Fans from previous OVA/drama have the diehard rules of "IASON = Shiozawa Kaneto(塩沢兼人)san ”, so compared to other casting, this is always the priority question. My answer is, I still think that Ookawa(大川) san is the most appropriate candidate.

- I think Ookawa san also feels a considerable pressure, any anecdote of recording?

It took him many trials to perform the lines with no emotion and it really brought him pain, after the recording he told me that it was so hard! Layman like me would think that cold and distance tone should be easy. I finally know after asking the Seiyuu, saying the words with no feelings is the hardest thing. Isn’t Ookawa san’s voice very gentle? So I imagined the feelings when he speaks in the distance tone of IASON. In the first recording, I was really excited to hear that.

- How about Itou Kentarou (伊藤健太郎) san as RIKI, how do you feel?

Be able to match with Okawa san, I think there’s none other than Ito san. It’s just that when he was recording the lines when Riki was a pet (in episode 4), every time he spoke, he was reminded "Younger! Younger!" It seemed really hard. *laughs*

- When you actually saw the character move on the screen, what gave you the deepest impression?
The erotic part. *laughs* Each director of each episode added some original elements that are not in the script into the OVA, so that each character has a profound description, it is so great!

- By the way, what is your favorite and must-see scene in the first volume, please share we us if there’s any.

I really think all of them are. In my point of view, because the story is the same, so most surprising scene is where the computer screen was reflected on DARLY’s pupil, I cried: "it’s really shown ~! " And there is a final scene when RIKI ran back to the slums, the car that IASON rode was soaring up to the sky, and left a trajectory by the car lights, that scene was dazzling and really touched me.

- Lets move to the original novel. Although the novel is serialized in 1986, do you think that Science fiction theme for Yaoi is still new?

At that time it was not BL but JUNE. Oh well, it was free submission work so there wasn’t any limitation and I could write whatever I like. For now,because bad ending is not popular, the story may not be passed by the publisher. If it is happy ending with this fantasy and Science fiction theme,it is possible. And for the content... *laughs*[Note: it means readers nowadays may think bad ending is boring or out of fashion.]

- What was the opportunity for you to write the novel?

Because I have first written the final scene: the last smoke (kiss) of RIKI and IASON... This is the climax of the series of plots. To accomplish this ending, I conceived a class system that absolutely could not be subverted, two characters with a huge different, one from the most dominant top class and one from the lowest class, the slums and so on, from there I started to think about the related settings. From the start of this serial, I had already decided the ending.

- As time passes - since the issue of the novels, you have added things and made some corrections for the Tokuma Shoten’s edition and finished the whole six volumes. Finally it returned to book stores with such a rich quality.

Rather than increasing the content, I should say I’ve gained 20 years of age and want to deeply explore the unwritten part. In the past, I onlystraightly and speedily focused on describing the relationship between IASON and RIKI, although some of the side story lines were there, they have not been extended. To re-publish it on the CHARA文庫 of 間書店Tokuma Shoten’s edition, I felt that this is probably the last time I can add something new into the story, generally, at a later stage, it turned out to be rewrite rather than addition *laughs*.

- Readers think that sensei’s works almost contain a keyword: "(執着=しゅうじゃく) tenacity ". Did Sensei insist upon or pay attention to anything during writing?

Instead of " tenacity ", I’m more likely to pay attention to the detailed and heavy description in my novel. Not only love scene, I emphasized on the profound relationship between people. I never aware of myself being tenacious, because when I write the story, instead of 執着! 執着!,I’ll rather say(wide fantasy)妄想!妄想!. What I insist for literally, is to focus on how to describe the same action differently etc. I like to quote new and special words from the dictionary.

- Which dictionary do you like?

I still prefer 辞苑. In fact, the title "(Ai no Kusabi)" is found from 辞苑. Because novels are different from comics or anime, with only texts, even a slightly change of words and sentences can have an impact. I would like to find out a more appropriate description. Even phrases or words created by myself are fine. Talking about “self-creating phrases”, when I decided the Kanji (Chinese Characters) in the title of OVA 1, I tried to make people understand the meaning without knowing the pronunciation.

- So Volume I became~ petere 檻獣~

Basically when considered the word「檻獣」, after I wrote down and explain its meaning, others also found the Latin word consistent with it: “petere". However, the producers asked, "how to read this character? " I replied," The pronunciation doesn't matter, " and this really surprised them. After a short silence, they earnestly asked me, " is it really Okay? " (laughs).

- From the start of the series until now, Ai no Kusabi has accompanied us over many years, for you as the writer, what kind of story is it?

This is my first serial work, though not the starting point, but I have a feeling of returning to the starting point, so far I’m still writing related stories. Recently, a short story (Musk) has been published on 小說CHARA (vol.25 / 間書店Tokuma Shoten Publishing) for this occasion. The story was about the three years’ time that RIKI being a pet. If there are more invitations, I would still like to write more. For me, Ai no Kusabi is a novel that I can develop the plot from any point in the book.

- Finally, please say something to the fans.

For the first volume, really hope that everyone will watch it. It is touching to see my own writing to be converted into color, sound, and even 3D CG. My wish is to watch all 12 episodes, so hopefully by support from all, the production of the second season would start.