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Ai no Kusabi bonus story "Musk" (partial translation)

MUSK - special episode of Ai no Kusabi in Chara.25

p. 134

TANAGURA - The computer city ruled by the artificial intelligence, Λ (Lambda) --3000, commonly known as "Jupiter". This metallic city was built by androids, which their brains are the only organic part in their body. Everything in the city emitted an artificial dazing glow. Inside the only living area for human, EOS, the Annex was a pet leisure center that separated from the residential area.

■ □ ■

EOS, Annex

The social place just for the pets was lively as usual. No ─ ─ there was a riot going on.

To say why, although young boys and girls who known as "pets" were strongly self-advocated, they were still children with no endurance. Referring them as children was not a metaphor. The average age of the pets that gathered in the salon was 13-years-old and no more than 15.

Illiteracy, counting ignorance and shameless as the highest virtues, promiscuous as their self-value, the only pride they possessed was identified by their origin, the licensed breeding facilities from which they were produced. They were a group of twisted presence.

However, when RIKI, without a care of such distorted philosophy in EOS, appeared with charm of youth, ripeness and dignity of adulthood, the lively atmosphere was replaced by an absolute silence in a moment. Obvious jealousy, undisguised loathing, came together with unhidden taboo, these emotions mixed and nurtured a strong sense of sinister. The sharp sight just liked spikes ruthlessly stabbed RIKI. However, RIKI ignored the resentment no matter how deep it was. He never averted his eyes, nor stopped his pace. Fighting with them was just a waste of time and energy.

A huge gap existed between RIKI and other pets. For a group of regularly recycled pets under the age of 15 in EOS, the existence of a 20-year-old RIKI with an extraordinary experience of ”the one who came back” was far beyond general perception... No, it was an unjustifiable reality.

Even in RIKI’s point of view, he was forced to return without an option, but it wasn’t for the eyes of others. The honor of being selected as pets in EOS was a pillar of confidence and was the meaning of their life. He posed a threat to the recognition of pets. They looked at him with hostility. RIKI, the presence of extreme contrast, was not only a mongrel from the slum but also a Blondy’s pet, and the only pet in EOS who obviously didn’t attend sex soirees, yet hickeys never disappeared from his skin. The fact that his owner made love with him was far beyond common sense.

For RIKI, sex with IASON was a daily routine that he was powerless to refuse. Even masturbation was not allowed. He was taken greedily as IASON pleased, without a single chance to resist. He was toyed in the names of instinct and pleasure, both physically and mentally exhausted.

RIKI was not an exhibitionist that proudly exposed his hickeys, nor did he have the inclination to act like the other pets. He walked towards the Annex without averting his eyes straight to his destination, the Botanical Garden. If anything, it would have been easier to walk directly to the Garden without passing through the pets salons. But there was only one route from the residential area to the entrance of the Annex. To get there, he must go through the salon and took a maglev elevator.

p. 135

─ ─ It was trouble enough indeed.

What annoyed him apart from having to ignore the pets around him was mostly this walk. Even so, RIKI still went to the Botanical Garden every day. The whole floor of greenery was a healing space filled with flowers, trees and running water.

Even the furniture would never come here. Of course, security monitoring devices might be hidden in several corners, but these artificial camera lenses had a significant difference from human eyes in which emotions couldn’t be detected. For example, he noticed that Cal seemed more tensed than him when being in the same room with RIKI.  In any case, no one would disturb him in the Botanical Garden. He was able to fully enjoy his time spending alone in this secret base.

Perhaps this was a tiny joy of immersing in solitude.....

In the slums, naturally he hanged out with GUY and others, he hadn’t thought of such a thing. Apart from this, there were no other particular reasons for the uninterrupted daily visit of the Botanical Garden.

"Well .... Where should I start today?"

Talking to himself, RIKI took out a Herbarium e-book from the pockets of his pants, to avoid getting bored from just meaninglessly walking around. Were there any new things somewhere? RIKI really intent to walk through the whole Botanical Garden.

Page 135-136 were translated by Cynthia subaru_san

Eos, Top Floor.

The imperial floor, the top at Tanagura where only 13 Blondies reign. Inside one room, Iason Mink's room, radiating splendor, in keeping with magnificent colors were unified consistent guest rooms. Having returned to his room to finish his usual work, Cal, the furniture attached to the room, gathered for a short while in front of the terminal for the personal use of the furniture.
What to do. ...What to do. ......What to do.
The words he was asking himself kept looping through his brain. Furniture was required to report in detail management information related to the pet attached to the room.
Though the standard was the management of the pet's physical condition, it also included
complaints and other regular words that the pet unconsciously revealed.
Of course, the pets in question didn't realize the furniture in charge of looking after them were their observers.
In this case, by other pets' accounts, the normal manual didn't apply at all to Riki.

On this matter, every day, Cal couldn't help but be deeply concerned.
The master of the room Iason had gone away 5 days ago.
But that was to be expected.
Where and on what business, he had not been informed of such things.
He knew only the date that he was scheduled to return.
At such a time, an unexpected trouble just had to occur.
At 10pm, Riki had suddenly gone out.
As if details of the famed troublemaker from three years ago were false, the Riki who had left and come back, in a sudden complete change, had become perfectly well-behaved.

'Master Riki. Where are you going?'
The surprised Cal's voice was turned inside out.
'The Botanical Garden Annex.'
Riki's tone was curt as usual.


Was this a crime of conscience? Or didn't he have the tiniest idea of how absurd his words sounded? Cal was unable to make a judgement on it.

'Master Riki. Going out past 8pm is forbidden.'
Riki frowned with all his strength.
At his view from the top, he stared at Gilri.
'Did Iason say that?'
Such a reply was completely unexpected.
By a simple calculation, compared to Cal's career at Eos as a furniture, Riki's status as a pet

who had left and returned was long.
Furthermore, his brutality was such that he was recorded on the security guards' blacklist.
Cal didn't think that Riki understood the basics of the rules in force.
'Even if you weren't informed by your master of the order of prohibition against going out past 8pm, it's an Eos rule to be observed.'
At that moment, the harshness in the corner of Riki's eyes disappeared.

'Yes. It's clearly described in the third paragraph of the ordinance code.'
At that, Riki made a surprised face.
'Amazing. Could it be that you've memorized the entire ordinance code?'
Something... was off.
Shouldn't he be worried about something different?
-So he thought.
'That's because it's my basis as a furniture.'
He was telling the truth without any kind of exaggeration.
The huge Eos' ordinance code was imprinted in his memory through sleep learning.
He was an intern who could exist solely due to the presence of such conditions.
Because of this, those who couldn't pass the final aptitude test were mercilessly disposed of.
The likes of furniture were always being exchanged as a reminder that they were no more than equipment.
Without any failure.
Without being too forward.
Nothing but strong endurance.
Those were the ironclad regulations to surviving as a furniture.
However. Riki being a pet who had left and returned, the manual was after all only packed information that let him realize that it did not surpass personal experience.
And so. Had the basics of the rules in force at Eos not been taught to his predecessor?
So, his predecessor (Daryl) hadn't taught Riki such basics of the rules in Eos?" ---The reason that Cal didn't ask this simple question was not because Riki came first on the black list. For some reason, his predecessor's name had been erased from all the official files. The information about Riki, left by his predecessor, was still being kept in detail, but not his predecessor's name. The meaning of that, Cal frimly bear that in mind.
And then, there was Riki.
In a moment, he had grown silent as if considering something...... he said.
'Are there some exceptions to this prohibition order?'
The order and code of conduct being the highest priority regarding everything in Eos, no exceptions could be approved. However, before such a well-known vulgar troublemaker, what should Cal say? -He hesitated.
'I haven't heard about whose permission you need to be able to go out at night.'
He had never thought about such a thing.
-Even now.
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